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Originally posted by Nic01
Shreyas : How about posting that code and explaining the code step by step?

On the other hand, colormaps can be used to replace a few colorclips. As long as the colors are not too close together, you can just use 2 of the same color and use a bounding box to make sure you get the right color.
I have done that thing to improve the speed, colourmaps and clips do the opposite!
i have already explained a bit of the code,but here's a detailed one.

set cn=cn+1 in point, this will increase value of cn every point, an ideal way to count the number of the point.

then use custom i values,
this is what i figured out:
incrementation value of i is inversely proportional to (n-1).
so, if n=10; then
after every point : i=i+1/(n-1);
i.e i=i+1/9;
i.e i=i+0.111111111111111111111111111111111.
so if you draw a circle using i1 instead of i when cn is less than 10 and then draw some other object when cn>10, then blacken out the point joining the two objects, you get two separate objects.

I hope you understood atleast some part of this, because I find it hard to explain things, especially complicated ones. if you cant figure out what this means, then maybe i will write an essay on this topic, after thinking hard and selecting my words*****~shreyaspotnis
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