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A couple tricks I'm playing around with...

The classic "floating squares" effect:
EL (ignore, every other pixel)
[Optional: EL (ignore, evey other line)
can be enhanced with random coloring of the squares using this method:
EL (ignore, multiply)
.EL (ignore, every other pixel)
.[Optional: EL (ignore, evey other line)

Also, I've discovered a sort hack to make a cycling color palette using Colormap. It's rather cumbersome and it's not perfect, but here's how it works:
Custom BPM - invert
Custom BPM - skip x beats
Color map
The color map must have several rotating positions of a cyclic palette, and be set to "Onbeat cycle". A nice sort of hue shifter can be created this way.
It'd be rather neat if we could actually wheedle a real cycler out of ucd, with dynamic cycle position 'n' stuff....

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