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From the FAQ

Gapless Playback

Basically, you need to uncheck "use sonic engine" (but keep Use Digital Audio Extraction enabled) under: Prefs > Plugins > Input > CD plugin (in_cdda) > config.

Then, depending on what your Windows OS is (I can't give exact instructions without knowing this), you might need to place wnaspi32.dll (aspi manager) in your Winamp dir (Win2k/XP/2003 only), though it might also work by using the native WinNT SCSI Library (SPTI) in which case you don't need aspi, or if it's Win9x/ME then you might need to upgrade the entire aspi layer... more info.

Then (re)open Winamp and simply apply some value to "buffer ahead on track change" slider in: Prefs > Plugins > Output > DirectSound Output (Win2k/XP/2003) or WaveOut Output (Win9x/ME), eg. 777ms, and you should get almost perfect gapless cd playback.

Note: changes to in_cdda config require a Winamp restart to take effect.

Also note that yes, you're kinda right in your assumption... the sonic engine re-reads the TOC at the start of each track, which is the root of the problem. A fix for this will hopefully come... eventually...
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