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Post Nullsoft Winamp 2000 SP4

A Modern Skin aimed to emulate the Windows Classic feel before Microsoft got rid of the classic theme option entirely with Windows 8, and is aimed at those who use Windows Classic on their machines, or just simply miss the look and feel.

What does this feature, besides carrying the major features of WCM?

- Near accurate Windows Classic imitation
- Direct support for WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Project)
- Multiple Visualizers for your eyecandy enjoyment

There are a few things that are probably still inaccurate with this, do feel free to report anything that is wrong and I will try to fix them as soon as I can.

If you want to follow the changelog and report issues (which is recommended), follow through this link, and drop any bugs you may find, however, feedback/suggestions here is highly appreciated and needed, and if you really feel you like living dangerously, download the master branch and experiment with it there.

Download the skin from the provided github page here.

This is somewhat lacking proper Winamp 5.666/5.8 support, as my main target is WACUP, however proper detection between Winamp and WACUP is included, so the icons and the main window title will change depending on the 2 players you're using.

This is also my first major Winamp Modern skin, thanks to the help of Victhor and jberg who have been a great help in pointing me in the right direction, including jberg's help of introducing the Winamp Modern beat visualizer to the skin.

I hope you enjoy using my skin.
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