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Latest version changelog:
v1.3: Colorful Update Part 2
What's New?

- New: Some minor UI adjustments
- New: Flipped the way the two Zero Two's were looking, now they stare at each other
- New: Slightly improved Ragyo's shadowy Spectrum Analyzers (less dark, more bright)
- New: FPS menu options and lots of separate color schemes for the Visualizer
- New: "More Windows" color theme (thanks to @mirzi1 for the contribution!)
- New: Optimized the top secret Headbanging algorithm for a slightly more realistic headbanging experience
- New: Optimized the VU meter in the VU Meter window, the HL2 Hud window and the glowing light in Ragyo's hair to be faster/slower
- New: "Crimson" color theme kindly contributed by my friend Apache
- New: Clicking in the Satsuki and Ryuko Visualizer now changes the visualizer mode of the 4 vis objects
- Fixed: Improved Wasabi tooltips for 99% windows emulation accuracy
- Fixed: Improved the Modern Skinned (and Classic Skinned) scrollbars to look more windows-like (moreso the Modern Skinned ones)
- Fixed: The clutterbar going blank when disabling alpha in the Modern Skin options (thanks to Victhor for the hint!)

Download here.
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