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Hmm, weird.

Your wife's profile definitely has write/modify access to "C:\Program Files\Winamp"?

Did you delete paths.ini yet? And if yes, does the problem still persist if you start with your original gen_ml.ini again?

Your gen_ml.ini is referencing two different sets of .vmd files.


Do both these files exist in the "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\ml" folder?

I can probably provide a fixed-up gen_ml.ini for you once I know which is the right set of .vmd files to link to...

The problem might be happening because I don't think you can/should use %ProgramFiles% in paths.ini
It would need to be C:\Program Files\Winamp, or wherever winamp.exe resides (which is the default path anyway if paths.ini doesn't exist).
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