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ShoutCast radio app on my iPad does not play my stream anymore

ShoutCast radio app on my iPad does not play my stream anymore

I just set up an Internet Talkradio station based on a ShoutCast v2 server,
which I host on my personal PC.
It has run for about 2 weeks in a test phase.

The name of the station "SciTechTalk" was properly listed in the ShoutCast radiodirectory
and still is.

I also could listen to my station streaming in a couple of apps on my iPad:

e.g. in the SHOUTcast Radio for iPhone app from*
and also in the Alarm Clock Radio app (free version) from* .

I could SciTechTalk listed in the station category I put it in (in both apps).
Also I could search for SciTechTalk in both apps finding my station and playing it.
But since a day or 2 I can not get it playing anymore in BOTH these apps.
So the problem is not connected to a specific app,
it is something more fundamental.
Earlier both apps were able to find and play my stream.

I think these apps cache an old entry (I have restarted SciTechTalk a couple if times).
For example in the ShoutCast Radio app I now still can find my station,
but the now playing information is old!
When I try starting the stream I get the error message:
"stream URL not found".

This problem came up only a day or 2 ago!

The stream can still be succesfully played from the shoutcast radio directory,
or via

i hope somebody can help with this very annoying problem !
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