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Which movie posters do you have/want in your room?

Hey everybody,

This topic is just fairly movie related, but I think that it will fit best in here...I want to know which movie posters you have got hanging on your walls or which ones you'd like to have - and please also explain why, because you like the movie or because they might only look good...

Since I'm still not fully moved into my own place I have no posters on the wall yet but yesterday I got a movie poster for free, the one from "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas"!!! I got it because I have a DVD store (they have just about every DVD that has come out, even foreign and really old movies, and what they don't have, they can order in a couple of days) right across the street from me and because of the movie maniac I am I go in there just about every time I pass by and might even buy a used (yes they got a second hand section too) DVD or I have gotten to know the cashiers by now, they always greet me and once I have told them that I love the Fear and loathing poster they got in the window and yesterday when I walked by I noticed it was gone - but the cashier has kept it for me, put a sticky with my name on it and waited till I came by that day and gave it to me for free!
Now I only have to put it up on the wall, it just doesn't fit on my bathroom it is for those who don't know what it looks like:

The other poster I want to buy is a Rocky horror picture show one of course since it looks sexy, I'll put it over my bed since I have red bed sheets, it matches, ROAWR!

After this long story I'd like to know what's on your walls, please share!


I'm sorry if my English is worse than normal, I am fairly drunk - but I'm surprised that I'm still able to type that well - because I had one of the worst days of my life today but I'll talk about it another please ignore typos and grammar mistakes
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