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Is these any sample to show the new feature?
Hmmm... I didn't launch any sample yet, I'm working on one.

Hi deguix
,NOTIFY flags in DropList control not work,Can you have a look?
Yep, it happens when you use the new feature for it: 16x16 Image for each item. This happens because it doesn't use the normal DropList but a modified instead. But I'll try to put the NOTIFY as soon as possible.

Don't get me wrong- I think you've done a good job. I don't want to insist that you change anything. But if something as basic as the escape character is going to be changed, I think we should see a clear advantage for it.
The other thing of course is that it will not be compatible with MUI.
I'm playing on conservative side now. I understand, everyone used "\r\n" way since InstallOptions had the MULTILINE support. I'll go back in that change, but I'll make a define for people who liked this change I made. As a matter of fact this project continues with the name "InstallOptions" at front of it, isn't it? The discussion of that ends here.

Another suggestion is to document which OS the new controls do not work on- since you did say that the InstallOptionsEx is not 100% supported by all Windows OS'es.
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll put this on the next version of InstallOptionsEx.

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