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Hey that is excellent thanks! I'm sure it all right to put all the DLLs ocx alongside the installer because it's free.

I'm just looking into this at the moment I'm not sure where the image edit.ocx should be but version 0 .36 runs well. also a bit confused by the save presets / invalid path name crash.

I'm seeing if I can use Ultra edit text editor and Dragon NaturallySpeaking action macros to randomly select preset lines using keywords across random .MILK files and recombine them into a new file just by saying some phrases.

The advantage with this is that you can tell Dragon NaturallySpeaking to save the preset file and then go to milkdrop and run the preset all in one phrase. I'm just thinking about it though I haven't even started.

I'm trying to get my head round what blocks of the code I should copy and mix together. how the frame /per pixel wave and object definitions can be interchanged, probably just swap them round and also swap around the first x lines of text with the basic definitions- I not familiar with the . milk format what a head mash.

as for MIDI controllers, you want to use two knobs on MIDI controller to define fine and course modulations so you have 128 x 128 number of steps/ higher bit resolution.

You might be interested in the p5 glove which is a really cheap virtual reality glove that can assign 10 MIDI controllers to one glove- 5 MIDI controllers on the dimensions of the glove position/rotation and one for each finger.
basically it's a toy virtual reality glove with MIDI drivers.

I just got one for USD30 but I'm still waiting for it to come in the post-not sure if they are that precise but it should be trippy.

How many logical parts do you think the preset should be divided into to be able to jumble them?
using milkdrop is giving me some ideas for designing synthesisers, it would be nice to have a synthesiser where you can paint sounds that look like as good as the visualisation.
For my next synthesiser I am setting a target of being able to paint in incredible hook based tracks nice and slowly step by step.
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