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I'm just think of mixing whole chunks of per frame code without mixing them together and trying them on different wave shapes, I don't think whether you have two or three custom waves or whatever makes any difference, for the same reason that transitions most often look good.

All the equations should be made to track the beat in Winamp, and no matter what the tempo of each beat tracking setting is, whether it is 16t as long as none of the equations are actually out of time then they should mix perfectly. Why people would want to mix out of time variables into visualisation I don't know.

on the whole though the reason why transitions looks good is the same reason why simple but well ordered mixing of milkdrop files would look good. do you reckon transitions are all out of time?

The odd thing about comparing milkdrop with a synthesiser is that milkdrop is based on photons mixing together across an XY grid and music is based sonic vibrations that in amplitude in patterns from microseconds to whole minutes and that incorporate a 12 tone division. So mixing the two in most ways would be symbolic.

I don't think that the way milkdrop interprets music is quite right. If you look at audio waves like this
the variation of the amplitude over several seconds goes from one to zero very obviously. The same happens when you filter it for example with bass/treble, in music you would usually use a peak detect calculation to be able to detect amplitude within about 1 ms, the kind of thing you'd want in milkdrop.
if you can translate a peak detect amplitudes of two or three signals going through some filters, and you translate them directly to object amplitude, it would look a lot better. That's a bit off topic anyway. some of the beat detection and milkdrop is really good though.

I'm coming from an audio background and the learning curve is really steep which is part of the reason why it will take time for me to have a look at Esotic's programme.
What I know as a result is that you are comparing apples and oranges, the kind of bright imagination is the having when you are caned but that often don't get over the detail of enough.

It's like taking equations from astronomy and trying to apply them to music. The result would be completely algorithmic music.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is crap you're right-even though it does DLL calls it's just adapted to controlling the desktop, and it would indeed take a half decent program take the different parts of each milk file and mix them together into a new one. actually it's very simple to program but you have to know C++ or whatever.

Milkdrop is magnificent I just don't have time to get into the maths because I'm doing so much work I'd just like to play around with the amazing work that the programmers have already done on it, which is basically just mixing the Independent parts of the milkdrop file so you can just click on a few things until you have a nice visualisation.
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