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Hi Guyz...
today i just felt i wanted to listen to my fav genre music on the so good shoutcats library. This was so easy, you could see what was on air, which kind of music it was, what was the bandwith, hide some columns ou diminuish the width of those wo weren's important. Wanted to listen to some good radio at a high bandwith ? I was just clicking on "listener max" and then choose a high bit rate. Getting bored of that music, wanna change for a better quality ? It was as easy as clicking on "bitrate" to get on top all the high band with radio, and then scroll down till the bottom. ok, it was kind of odd and old fashion skin but it was SO FREAKING EASY to surf on shoutcast on winamp, all the information were so easilay accessible.
And today, guess what... i got pissed off. It's such a pain to navigate, to go to a radio to another. Only 10 results per page, no bitrate ranking, no column to check quicly all the information in 5 sec... now it takes a 2 sec lap to go from page one to page 2.
Some are gonna answer, yeah but can still go on classic shoutcast ... but hell yeee, it ain't the same at all that the classic shoutcast on winamp library guyz, only have 100 results/pages (well better than 10 anyway...), no column that u can change, and u have to download the shoutcast playslist and go back to your winamp to press "play". easy nope ?
well maybe this needed some change for skinning and stuff like that, ok it looks more fancy nwo, but hell nope for navigation guyz, or just let people choose the way they like (the same way than u choose "modern" or "classic" winamp).
And i search for half an hour where i could leave a comment about that, and come to that forum to complain (well i'm not gonna complain about that, thanks for that nice forum where we can express our opinion ), but how many ppl get frustated and won't do that ?
Go have a look on winamp blog, most people are not happy with that...

ok it's just what i've flet about the new shoutcast radio library, i didn't read all the posts until now, looks like there's a way to get back to the old fashion version. But it'd be better if u can let people choose in the future, or improve the navigation, as the way as it was before

Cheers, sanka2man from France
PS : I use winamp 5.5 for now
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