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i know you aren't staff or a DNAS guy, but since you seem to be a big piece of the puzzle and since staff seemingly is on vacation all year long, I seem to have to turn to you!
Lol !! There are staff working hard,there just aren't that many of them any more.

There is always some lag,the shoutcast 2 protocol makes things work a little smoother.
Title updates are only slightly out of sync with the begin/end of a track.

Lets pretend
A future version of the dsp could load xml metadata from a file which has
the sc2 xml metadata format as I mentioned in a post above.
it would send the exact contents of this file to the dnas.
It would be the users responsibility to parse the output xml from their 3rdparty automation software and convert it to the format used by the dsp plugin.

We will see what happens though.


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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