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I'm currently having issues with the widget showing the song currently playing. The widget functions perfects apart from showing the incorrect song. From my testing, it appears that it only occurs when a song with associated album art is playing. For example:

I have an enqueued set of albums, the first has album art, the second does not, the third does, the fourth does not. If I play the first song from the first album, the art loads fine, flicking through the queue causes the track titles to change normally (and the album art turns into the Winamp Llama on the switch to the 2nd album) but once I hit the first song of the third album, the widget fails to change song name or album art. When I hit the fourth album (no album art), the widget starts to work again.

So it seems that switching the album art makes the widget have a cry.

Aside from that bug, the app is awesome and has brought me back from using doubletwist and a cluster of random programs to help organise my music. Love it. I would like to see some different widget sizes out in future releases too.
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