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I am EXTREMELY happy to see someone working on this long outdated DSP. Seriously. Very very happy.

I skimmed over most of the replies and I don't see any mention of the DSP actually interacting with the Windows mixer beyond "well, you just don't need that 'Open Mixer' button to work". In a way, I agree, however -- what does this mean for the DSP's push to talk and lock buttons actually being useful again?
This is the biggest concern we have here at my station, currently. If anyone's using Vista or Win7; the Speaker properties window must always be open so a DJ can mute their mic for voice breaks. We've even had some DJs revert back to XP on their DJ rigs just so those two little buttons will work. We've tried alternatives, we've looked for alternatives: I think oddcast KIND of works in that respect, but it's not quite the same. Pardon any ignorance on my part if this issue has already been addressed before.

Any thoughts or are we SoL?
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