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I found a lot of cassettes that match my collection items. I was very fond of multipacks of TDK D-90's because despite being low cost (normal bios), the sound quality was excellent, and they came in gorgeous zip-up imitation leather carriers, and some came in stronger canvas-type carriers too. For more important recording, I used Maxell high bios cassettes or TDK type IV metal models. I still often play them on my stereos, using a Pioneer CT-W616DR (at the time, the best dual-well player in existance) on one stereo and a Pioneer CT-1370WR (mid-grade unit) on the other. My Camry still has a cassette/CD player in it too, so sometimes it's good to listen to old recorded jazz shows on it. I'm guessing my cassette collection is between 400 and 500 items, mostly recorded cassettes from friends that collected vinyl and early CDs. Thanks for posting the links.

The music game was fun, I was in the middle of the third set of puzzles when I took a break.

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