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heh, yeah, very offtopic, but interesting nonetheless. My first component cassette player was a Teac that was much older than me but I finally laid it to rest 2 years ago when it started playing inconsistent speeds. During it's last couple years of service for me it was part of a garage stereo, so having it exposed to temperature and humidity extremes was likely an issue. I'm not sure what model it was, as this was cropped from a bigger picture, and not high enough resolution to read. I still have the manual in a file cabinet, but too lazy to look up. Edit - after some squinting and checking with google, it's an A-460.

As for a "cool site", I use any time I want to look up flight rates, since it checks all the major airlines and all the major bundle sites like expedia, orbitz, etc. after putting in your information only once.

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