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well, just for the record, if anyone have the same simptoms:

./sc_serv daemon "it 'works' but don't let me loggin from the index.html or from the source (SAMBC in this case)"

./sc_serv "don't show the 'warn' stuff, BUT can't find the config (i.o sc_serv.conf)"

./sc_serv sc_serv.conf "show the 'warn' stuff and also can't find the config"

reconfig everything from & both don't solve the problem

and of course, you can't log-in with your password setted on the configuration files

If this are the sintomps, the solution is create a -flash policy-
(See documentation about it) and everything should be fine, even if you just copy - paste it

But again, thanks a lot for all your help

And, i have it running right now!

PS: i'm not transmitting right now, but i can run it and log-in on console and daemon without any trouble.
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