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as was suggested at the time (in the 2.4.0 release thread), you should ask your host to ban persistent IPs that you don't want rather than waiting to do it at the last moment i.e. when it's actually made it through to the DNAS.

as for the specific issue of the DNAS not handling banning correctly (which is related to the information provided by the listener connections, hence why it's better to block before getting to the DNAS), the cause has been found and it's fixed for the next release (i don't know when it will be released as dates have already slipped twice).

and we do not intentionally try to break things in the builds, but sometimes it happens and I can only apologise for that but as there's a preferred solution to do banning of connections, it's not a critical issue to release a newer build (especially if there are other stability issues that are still being worked on for the greater number of users benefit).
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