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the banning options in the DNAS aren't going to help any more than what is already being done before the connections get to the DNAS.

as for what you're seeing, it sounds like some sort of bot network trying to scrape the songs that you're playing.

so it might be an option to disable the public stats pages the DNAS provides via the hidestats config option. i suggest that since based on a few things i was seeing today against a test setup, the stats reponses were being queried and when something seemingly wanted was reported then i got a load of connections.

only issue with that is if you've got anything pulling those stats yourself then you'll need to ensure you can provide a password on the url in-order for the tool / script to be able to access the normal resource.

so all of that may or may not help, it's hard to tell, but the DNAS and the banning issue as-is really wouldn't be helping you (other than i suspect you being able to ban them immediately instead of having to request someone to do it for you).
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