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You may recall I could not get the latest*greatest sc_serv to connect to YP on 32-bit Ubuntu. I am moving to a new server, 64-bit Ubuntu, and I am hopeful sc_serv will connect to YP now.

In setting up my new server, I find there is no longer a place to download sc_trans for 64 bit Linux. OK, so I will attempt to use liquidsoap. However, I can't find any documentation anywhere on how to set up liquidsoap to allow two streams from my server - on Ubuntu_32 I had two instances of sc_trans one for PROGRAM A and one for PROGRAM B and these streamed quite nicely through one instance of sc_serv using the streamid=1 / streamid=2 settings in sc_trans.conf

There doesn't seem to be any such provision in liquidsoap's arguments or configuration settings. It makes me wonder if liquidsoap indeed works with the current version of sc_serv

Can someone point me to any guidance on using liquidsoap with the current sc_serv, now that there is no sc_trans to use as a source?
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