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OK, so I installed the libraries needed to run 32-bit code on the 64-bit machine and now I can get the 32 bit Linux sc_trans to run OK. Doesn't seem right somehow. But I guess running two instances of sc_trans as 32 bit code shouldn't cause any real limitations, I'm guessing it can access all the memory it needs with 32 bit addresses.

Still looking for the sc_trans 64 bit version, like you said it must be out there somewhere

I'll also try to find a forum someplace where people are talking about what they're using as a source for sc_serv v - if anyone can point me to such a forum, I'd be much obliged. I'm guessing that discussions of sources to feed sc_serv v aren't really germane here, this is supposed to be just a discussion of sc_serv v itself (or subsequent newer versions)

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
using the 32-bit version is unlikely to be a reason for a DNAS not being able to connect to the YP. as I really don't remember if you've reported this issue previously or not... i.e. the error that is actually being reported and all of that would be a good starting point as other than machine configuration, there's no functional difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit builds of the DNAS irrespective of the OS version being used.
Yes I have - see Post #46 in this thread

Looking at this, I see MENTIONS YP but I'm not sure it is specifically a "can't connect to YP" type issue.
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