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i doubt there's any such forum that you're wanting to find. and there's been multiple threads on here about what people are using, which again generally ends up being ones that only support the 1.x SHOUTcast protocol.

the 2.x DNAS doesn't care what it is fed by as long as it's using either the 1.x or 2.x SHOUTcast protocol (or a compatible relay source) with most source clients only supporting the 1.x protocol which limits you to one stream on the DNAS (since that's all the 1.x DNAS allowed). unless you're willing to either use the experimental support in 2.4x or to wait for the 2.5x release which as i've pointed to the wiki page, allows multiple sources only supporting the 1.x protocol to connect to the DNAS via the password manipulation (which in retrospect is just what should have been done from the start with the 2.x DNAS along with a lot of other things that would have made it simpler to want to use it over 1.x *shrugs*).

anyway, a pm has been sent regarding the YP issue (which i'd forgotten you'd posted about, but that's to be expected at half-3 in the morning).
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