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If the newest one is in the presets folder this evening, then these will be 9881 presets, together with 4020 textures in the textures folder and 2620 skins in the skins folder. And then I have to run again the Winamp Info Tool and update again on Mediafire in the following days, which I do for the promotions...

Don't worry about me, I have NO epilepsy, only many depressions because Frank and I are attacked so much with problems. But I can relax very well, if I am on the couch with the Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro headphones and if I have Winamp running on my notebook. On my PC sometimes I do the editings of presets after doing the right-click on the icon and "Start as administrator", also I update the lists with the Winamp Info Tool there.

Today I have Classical Music running in the meeting-point. Mostly I listen to Ambient Dub and Dub Techno, which is the perfect music for the Milkdrop Visualizer, the best music visualizer in this world, together with the best media player...

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