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Hi Fumbling_Foo

I do not edit other people's code. It is difficult to understand, particularly because milkdrop does not support structures, and most of the control is done by the q variables scattered over various places. If I start editing without knowing the dependancies, I will have destroyed part of the intended functions before I know how.

A few hints.
A very cheap method to make things more interesting is to add a shape with texture=on. It will copy the content from the screen center to the position of the shape, modified by tex_zoom, tex_angle. This is a very versatile technique. You can also move the shape to make it less predictable.

You have only 32 q variables, use them sparingly. Whenever you do not need a variable outside the per frame section, give it a different, more comprehensive name.

Personally I find the preset rather overbright. The flashing fullscreen white makes it unpleasant to watch for me. It is because the comp shader inverts the picture (ret = 1-ret....) and additionally multiplies it by 1.2 for no reason. I guess you simply mashed it from other presets. Similar for the permanent diagonal flow which seems to tear my eyes apart and becomes painful after a while. That said, I am getting old, and my eyes too...

Your code has become messy. You will learn a lot when cleaning it up. Look at the extract here (a few intermediate lines deleted):

basstime = basstime + q29*0.025;
basstime = basstime + bass_att*0.025 * 30/fps;
Do you still know what basstime is really doing ? In any case, the first line destroys fps normalization.

The circles are rhythmic because they are somehow - I don't understand exactly how - based on q4 which is derived from the resonant beat detection. This detection simply uses a number of resonators, like pendulums of variable length excited by volume. The resonator with the highest response is taken as beat signal. This signal is more or less sinusoidal over time, just like a pendulum. You do not neet to understand the detail, but there is a lot more things you could to with it, and you have 3 wave and shape sections still free.

Finally: Don't get stuck on a single preset. Sooner or later you will get annoyed with it. Try something entirely new and learn from it.

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