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DING! Winona took nicole by the hair and and did a Mugshot Princess on her! Nicole came back with the Face Wide Shut and Winona was down. Thinking she had won, Nicole turned around thanking the audience. "I'm gonna beat that English acsent out of you!!!" said Winona "Beetle Juice" "Beetle Juice" "Beetle Juice" Then Beetle Juice came out and kissed nicole doing the Cockroach Tongue Swirl!!! Nicole slapped him so he got dizzy and couldnt tell which girl was which. So then Nicole and Winona double teamed on Beetle Juice and did the Girls Just Wanna Have "Fun" on him! Winona and Nicole then kissed each other congrtulating each other on the win! "They were lesbians after all1" shouted the crowd But look who came out to challenge them!!!!

Winona and Nicole vs Rosie O donnell and her girlfriend
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