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Porky Pig was too scare to come out. It looks as if Tom & Penelope was about to win by default, in ran Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer hit "Rachel" on Penelope,but got hit by Tom's "Jerry Maguire". Brad was furious of what Tom did to his wife, so Brad went for the Ocean's Eleven Mission. While Brad was pounding on Tom, Penelope got up and was going to hit "All the Pretty Horses" on Brad but Brad side step and she hit Tom instead. By that time, Jennifer got up, and husband and wife went on to decimate the couple with "Till Death Do Us Part". Porky came out wearing a priest robe,and say "You may kiss the Bride" while Tom & Penelope lay hapless on the ground.

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston wins!(and got married a second time)

Brad & Jennifer vs Kenny,Cartman,Kyle & Stan(South Park)

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