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Playlist run dry (Linux, Playlist with Wildcards)

Hey folks,

i also have a problem with Drop6 Beta here.

As long as i set a playlist for sc_trans where the mp3 files are listed with absolute paths, all is fine and sc_trans is streaming to shoutcast server.

There is a documented feature for playlists where one could use wildcards like "/absolute/path/to/mp3files/*mp3" within playlists.

I've set up a playlist file default.lst and set a single entry to the absolute path where my mp3 files reside, at the end with *.mp3.

After restarting sc_trans it exits and within the logfile i can find an entry "Playlist run dry".

The files are still in the directory, and if i write them to a playlist with absolute paths, all is fine. That's why i'm sure that there is no access-right thing getting this to struggle...

any Idea what's wrong here ? The system i use is a linux root-server with shoutcast server 1.9.8 and sc_trans BETA Drop 6. The MP3 Decoder license is set in config and it streams fine as long as there is a playlist with absolute paths to single MP3s.

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