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so ... sorry for my ugly post ... found the problem with wildcards in playlists. There need always to be a carriage return at the end of each entry in playlist, also for entrys like *.mp3.

BUT now i ran into another problem i couldn't find any solution for up to now.

I included a line in my playlist, where a php script should be called to pull a song from database. The Script returns a full absolute path to the mp3 file.

The script also writes a timestamp to database each time it is called.

If i start sc_trans now, the php scripts are not called and the entys in playlist - file seem to be ignored.

the line in playlist.lst looks like:


#!/usr/bin/php /absolute/path/to/php/script/script.php

I also double checked that the user the sc_trans is running with can run the php scripts. If i su to this user i can call the scripts and i get a full absolute path to an existing mp3 file returned to console. ( at the end with \n\r )

The Mp3 Files are also accessible, if i insert the path with a wildcard (*.mp3) into the playlist and restart sc_trans the songs are streamed to the server.

God... only this one thing left ! After solving this i could finish my project here...

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