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Originally Posted by SC_faisal View Post
Hi All!
The SHOUTcast team is pleased to present you the latest Shoutcast Transcoder beta drop.

- A new type of event as been added to the calendaring system that allows you to relay other stations. (see calendarxml.txt for more information)

- You can now create your playlists dynamically in real time. A new playlist entry construct will allow the invocation of an external program to fetch the next playlist entry (see docs.txt section 10)

- You can change the way your metadata is displayed in clients (this comes with lots of caveats though). See the new displaymetadatapattern conf file option (docs.txt)

- In order to encode your stream in mp3, you need an MP3 license key. This is a legal requirement to comply with all broadcasting laws. You can grab the code and pay the $5 license fee here:
How would this affect someone who uses a host like Live365 which covers the broadcasting laws?

Better yet, how does one justify this expense if all they broadcast is either all original or public domain content?

Sorry if these questions have been answered before BUT.....



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