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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
First time I have seen it discussed, but what you are asking for is a dialog box in the preferences to choose what gets searched. This would then need to be translated to more complex search routines.

As an ex-programmer myself I can see the work involved there and how it will still slow down the main search. (The logic of the search will have to get filled up with "if" statements checking all the options that are in the dialog)
i don't think its that complex. the pref would allow a user to simply specify which fields are searched, on/off. the data itself is already in the winamp DB. such a pref could lead to faster searches for users who don't need "Genre" or "Filepath" searched for example. as you said, to each his own. winamp right now searches at least 6 different items. all i'm asking is that the user be granted control over what gets searched in prefs.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
I also would assume that this search is not actually opening every single MP3 file, but using winamp's own media library database and searching that.
thats my understanding.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
If comments were to be added to that database, this could mean a huge leap in storage requirements. (And there are enough people who get upset when Winamp uses memory as it is )
and again, its why a pref would be appropriate.

afaik, comments and many other fields are in the DB. you can tell this b/c all the ML info is still there even when the music files aren't, (like when disconnecting a USB drive).

along the same lines, you could add prefs for what you want as a user scanned into the ML. i'm perfectly happy with it importing everything, but i would not begrudge a user who wouldn't want "Publisher" or "Category" imported for example.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
Have you used the syntax DJ Egg has suggested? It looks to me like Winamp can already do what you are asking. Learning the syntax of searches is always extremely handy. Look at Google Search - that can be hopeless for many things if the advanced syntax is not used.
it can, but learning the syntax and/or having to use it does not interest me at all. i think its rather awkward and kinda silly. winamp has prefs for every little possible permutation on so many things, it seems like this is a rather obvious one.

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