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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
A boring test could be trying each letter in the alphabet in turn to see if only certain letters will fail.

?comment = "a
?comment = "b
?comment = "c
I can't get that far. As soon as I type the first quotation mark, everything freezes. A second later, kaboom.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
Do you have any Eastern languages in there? Japanese, Korean, etc? Maybe something breaking in unicode.
None that I am aware of.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
Also - have you ever tried showing Comments in the MediaLibrary view? If you turned on the comments column, does your winamp still work okay?
I will try that tonight and report my results. Question: What if it crashes and I can't get back into that Smart View to remove the column? I guess I'd have to delete and re-create the Smart View? Think I'll do it on a dummy view just to be safe.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
you should post your "one for nunz" list at this point
I will do that tonight as well.

The corrupted comment idea seems valid. One way to confirm would obviously be to select all the tracks in my library, CTRL-E, set the comment to empty, and let it all update. The only reason I might avoid that is because if it does fix the problem, we'll never know what caused it in the first place. But since this doesn't seem to be a widespread issue, maybe it's worth it just to nail it down and move on. I only have one file with a comment that I've entered myself; apart from that, I've tried to keep that field empty on all files. Still, you never know what might have snuck in.

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