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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
if u do want to find what is causing this, and i hope you do, you might need to do your ML in chunks and check files with
Indeed I do! I already use mp3tag for all my tagging needs, so no learning curve there.

Now... in the spirit of not just fixing, but identifying the cause of, the problem... I'm thinking of the best way to proceed. Perhaps I'll start by simply reading the files in chunks, and see if any of them turn up with a comment field. I've tried to be diligent about keeping that field empty, but things do sneak in. I'll make a list of those that have comments; hopefully it will be a short list. Then I'll backup those files, and start removing the comments one by one. With any luck, I'll find one that makes the problem go away. Then I'll post a link to it here for confirmation.

Sound like a plan?

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