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D12 holds the record: an average of 5 senseless posts per day

my top 6 D12 quotes:

1. "I am confuse." - sure he is
2. "I don't know any thing about $(playpos) to run backward" - and i don't know anything about nothing
3. "I don't know any thing about $(getplaylisttitle)." - see above
4. Atero: ca = cellular automata // D12: ca=Creation Advanced - ca=cretinous and absent-minded
5. "Why you want to use TV? look AVS in monitor." the grounds were explained in detail above.
6. "I think this reason is because of using winamp3. You can run winamp 5.3a full package, your problem will be solved." after someone said he uses wa5

Ouch! I wish I hadn't downloaded your preset. now I've got a headache.
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