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lol@ the teenager sh*t yea i've heard of constructive critism but when being compared to someone with a background far less advanced than that of a home bred american and all this being cracked on bullsh*t and u expected me not to respond ........F**k that im a grown man not some lil kid to be kicked around by some overegotistal f** offence to all the real f**kheads. for all the flooding? done out of pure anger at being scoffed at by some white horse and silver spoon acting assmonkey, i would have used an edit button if there was one down at the bottom next to the quick reply box.... but it is good to see that some the ppl up there in the chain arent as ignorent as most and remembered what constructive is. so i have no prob with u Lobo ur cool man and d-12 i feel for u if ur a regular u must listen to all thier sh*t everytime u post, no offence about what i have said or what im sure is going to come up i just dont agree with be compared to anyone, im no one but me, i dont see things like anyone else i live my own life my way. for a couple tho it seems that they forgotten the fact that there are ppl who dont do this for a living and dont have every waking moment to spend on working up something to please everyone else....i made this preset for me to watch while listening to the heavy truths that are sung to me by mudvayne...i made them in my spare time to put myself into a comelike state....maybe the call it epilepsy i dunno but anyway i use the presets to meditiate and call forth the spirits to aid me in thu life...and i chose to share this preset with everyone so i expected a little destru... i mean constructive critism....but what goods it going to do to belittle me and out to make me like a fool....i do a good enough job at it... and all thats going to accomplish is raising my anger level. yea so u can go ahead and ban me it would be an honor to no longer be in the presence of a bunch of maggots who have nothing better to do than feast on a newbie... than down other ppls sh*t however insignifcant it may seem to may mean the world to other the creator maybe....and maybe this creator doesnt have the sanity left for another moment spent amongst all the highheads, yeah the hot air is beginning to fill the room....getting hard to done and out of this post......maybe u'll see me around....maybe i'll disturb u with another mindless piece of sh*t for u to throw mud at. l8r f*kkrz
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