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Yes the 'W' indicates a Unicode call. I hope you find more Unicode calls in the SDK I linked to.
Can somebody from Japan compile and run this program? Is this program able to open files with japanese characters in their names?
Yes, but a Japanese user can have trouble with German umlauts. If you make the plugin fully Unicode, you can open media files, independent from the used OS language/code page.

A pretty shitty example, I as a German user want to listen a Japenese soundtrack of an Anime (for example MP3 files).

If the input plugin (an mp3 decoder input plugin in that case) support ANSI only, the Songticker, the ATF string in the playlist will all show ???? instead of the correct chars.

There are tons of specific Unicode calls and you really should use them where possible.

The only downside, is that Unicode only works on NT+ based Systems. For Win9x based system you must use this, for basic Unicode support:

But, I doubt that Win 9x support is really a worthwhile goal.

PS: I highly doubt, that the guy who made the request was a Japanese user. Furthermore I bet he is a user, who speaks a language with latin letters and only wants to listen/watch files, with Japanese chars.
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