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I'm using my own plugin, "out_maiko.dll". It can do 5.1 to 2.0 transform as well as 5.1 bypass for receiver. The plugin are able to reconfigure the actual processing chain by reading the active endpoint requirements. So i believe it knows perfectly well when to matrix and when do not.

It support 8, 16, 24, 32 integer interleaved PCM and 32, 64, 80 bit float interleaved PCM;
1-8 channels in standard windows order; plus resampler and encoding conversion when necessary.

I works in either Shared mode or Exclusive mode.

My matrixing is lacking the decent setup and have no presets yet but i'll keep working on this. I can play the same DVDs via AC3filter+DShow (*.VOB), and the sound is much juicy this way. For a home cinema my plugin upmixing stereo to surround again which is really silly action after in_ffsox mixed surround to stereo.
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