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Originally Posted by SilverBird775 View Post
I'm using my own plugin, "out_maiko.dll".
I've just started to make myself familiar with "out_maiko.dll", and I've made the following observation.

Usually I'm using "in_ffsox.dll" with up-sampling set to 192.0 kHz and "out_asio(dll).dll". This particular setup switches my E-MU 0404 to 192.0 kHz:

If I copy "out_maiko.dll" to "Winamp/Plugins" and the E-MU 0404 is set to 192.0 kHz I get the following error message when starting Winamp:

The only way to resolve this is to manually set the E-MU 0404 to 48.0 kHz:

The same happens if I've played 44.1 kHz audio without re-sampling via ASIO because then the E-MU 0404 is switched to 44.1 kHz.

This lets me suspect that "out_maiko.dll" re-samples to 48.0 kHz (or whatever is set in Window's audio properties) via kmixer regardless on whatever the intention of "in_ffsox.dll" is. Am I wrong?
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