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Originally Posted by Afrow UK View Post
I cannot reproduce using the example script (LockedListAutoClose.nsi). Can you attach a full script that reproduces the issue?

It seems the problem is more specific. Also, it is with autonext, not autoclose, that the problem exists. Using LockedListAutoNext.nsi as a base, I can reproduce the problem every time as long as notepad is not running. It seems that the problem occurs when no results are in the list while searching. The behavior is easier to see if AddFolder is used instead of AddModule. For instance, replace:
LockedList::AddModule $SYSDIR\notepad.exe

in LockedListAutoNext.nsi with:
LockedList::AddFolder $SYSDIR\some_unused_or_non_existent_dir

and you can see the back button behaves like the next button. But if you change the folder to one that must be in use so that you get results, such as:
LockedList::AddFolder $SYSDIR

then the back button works correctly (even while search is ongoing).

So again, the problem is only present when the result list is empty during search with /autonext
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