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Originally Posted by Afrow UK View Post
What you must do is call Abort in your NSIS code if you have clicked Back from the next page, rather than show the LockedList dialog. This can be done by setting and checking a variable - see attached.
But the problem is on the LockedList page itself. The first time the LockedList page shows up, if I click Back (during the scan) then it goes to the next page, but only if there are no results yet. If there are results and the scan is still in progress, the Back button works fine.

In other words:

1. Navigate to a LockedList page
2. During the scan, click Back


a. there was a partial list of results at the time the Back button was clicked, then it will go back (as expected)
b. there were no results at the time the Back button was clicked, then it will go to the next page (NOT EXPECTED)

'a' is the desired behavior regardless of whether search has found anything or not. I understand the behavior you mean if the user has already navigated past the LockedList page where we would skip back to the page before the LockedList page, but this behavior should not happen while the LockedList page is visible, and especially not on the first view of the page. I hope this clears up what I'm hoping to fix!
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