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You are Missed.

I just finally went through the entire registration process only to say - I WANT MY WINAMP.
I still use it, every day, I mean it really _whips the Llamas ass_...seriously... but it needs bugs updated. I can rarely get it to connect to my computer (staying die-hard with win7, screw Cortana...we didn't get along). Most of the time Winamp just doesn't detect my phone anymore (Samsung Galaxy 5). I can wait hours for it to do so - no luck. So I cannot update my playlists. It randomly loses my playlists and lists no songs in them.

Even with all this it's still #1. Why? It doesn't SHOVE random not-mine songs into the middle of my playlists. It doesn't shove other people's music in my face. I want to listen to what I want to listen to, when, and in what order. That should be simple. Winamp offered that.

All other apps are about shoving new sales of new artists into your face (ears) when you're just trying to go about your day wanting to listen to your playlists. I want my winamp full support and updates back. Winamp will always be Llama Ruler. *much love*
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