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I also am having the same issue. Brand New Ipod opened Winamp up and connected Ipod and can transfer files to Ipod. Like a usb device, but ipod will not show files, windos explore the ipod, the files are there, and the pmp_usb.ini are installed. Winamp puts PMP_usb.ini file hidden on ipod not the pmp_ipod.ini?... will not recognize ipod. Winamp is and was configured with ipod support. Reinstalled twice, once to double check ipod support was checked, and second to uncheck usb device support. With the later, winamp doesn't recognize at all under portables. Using the latest version of winamp 5.32 pro.

Above pictures are my story as well. Winamp Preferences now shows under Plug-ins-->Portables: Nullsoft ipod Plug-in V0.54 [pmp_ipod.dll], Nullsoft Creative NJB Plug-in v0.51 [pmp_njb.dll], and Nullsoft PlaysForSure Plug-in v05.3 [pmp_p4s.dll], no pmp_usb.dll now because I removed support of it, because that was defaulting as support

Really not looking forward to having to install proprietary tunes software and another freeware program that I like is soon to have support so i'm stuck waiting, and last thing I want to do is have WMP11 to know what I have!

Please help.

Computer: WinXP SP2, USB2.0, Winamp 5.32 Pro,
Ipod: 30Gb Video version 1.2, Model MA446LL
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