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Originally posted by papadoc
Hey Atmo.
Whenever I try to transfer a file from C drive to D drive,
I get this little error icon in the system tray by the clock:

It doesn't matter what kind of file it is - mp3, jpg, etc.
The file shows up on the D drive, but theres no data there.
WinXP Pro.
Just started happening.
Whats up?

I also can't save anything to the D drive.
i'm not a computer genius at all, but i have got this message before hand. when my second cd player wasnt plugged into the usb drive properly, the caution icon appaered in my system tray. this only seemed to happen when i was burning cds.

check whether your hard drive is plugged in properly.
otherwise i don't know.


my friend's computer seems to shut itself down when it is turned on. he cant get onto his computer to try anything (it shuts down before we get the chance to run in safe mode or MsDos mode). please help.
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