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Originally posted by shakey_snake
libertarian = new name for a Classic Liberal

and, considering ROH's views on foreign policy, he is definitely not libertarian.

True, true, on foreign policy and wars in general but his views on domestic policies are often libertarian. i.e. no government intervention in most every aspect of daily life. --> "no autopsy, no foul."

Libertarians are more like the extreme wing of the Republic party in that they believe in complete freedom from interfering government officials. If someone tells you he's a libertarian, it probably means he doesn't care about gay marriage or abortion other than he thinks the government should keeps its big nose out of private affairs.

Liberals like laws to protect the social contract and restraints on corporations.

The republic party favors laws to protect the social/moral code in distinct areas where their interests lie -- abortion/gay-osity and no restraints on business of any kind.

Those are simplifications but work as a basic outline. All pov's are sometimes right and sometimes waaaaay wrong, a fact not often ceded in these divisive/divided times we live in.

ROH, like most of us on this forum is a complex human, meaning he is probably a so called liberal on some issues, rock solid rightie on some, libertarian on some and moderate on none (kidding)

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