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A discussion about **********

Whenever you see me saying ********** please reference this thread for a full definition.

********** as discussed in that thread isn't that evil. I've used ********** for years, and recently used ********** in conjunction with mencoder to upload **********'d videos of my karaoke singers to AOL's uncut service.

Though we didn't have a single *star* video, we did manage to upload over 13,000 individual karaoke performances over a 6 month period. There were 2,768 unique singers.

The effect of this was we maintained dominance as the top search term on AOL uncut for almost the entire time it existed. This was because so many people would search for the tag "7bamboo" and their name.

We couldn't have accomplished this without **********. ********** splitting the stream based on the shoutcast title update. It was awesome for us because our karaoke software is winamp based (thus, able to do a title update whenever a new singer gets on stage)

I hope someday folks in charge at AOL realize that ********** can be a very powerful tool to NSV folks.

One last note:
********** <---- did I type it out? Can someone search that on google and figure what i'm saying? Maybe we can have a valid discussion here as long as we use ********** instead of typing it out? Just a thought.

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