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Silver Surfer? New WinAmp? New plug-in? Oh yes!

Hello everyone.

Yes,I'm a 'silver surfer' nudging 56. Yes,I've bought the new WinAmp 5.57. Yes,I've installed a crossfader as a plug-in which is my first. Does it all work?........

Oh yes and how! I gave up using WMP11 because it never keeps the tracks and reloaded from scratch on startup so it got the boot. I also gave up using Creative because I couldn't burn cds for my own use plus it was designed for Windows XP and doesn't work with Vista. I finally gave up RealPlayer as neither the equalizer nor crossfader worked no matter what I (and they)did.

After searching cyberspace,I found WinAmp and downloaded the paid-for version. (Excellent choice!).I then downloaded a crossfader after trawling the interwebski. The result? Two fantastic and seemless items of software made for each other! It loads quickly,displays all my 39000 tracks,has fantastic graphics,and the crossfader is the best I've ever had! Without any adjustment it reads ends of starts of tracks and I can even mix in 1960s radio jingles and adverts to create my own personal music choices from the 50s,60s and 70s.

Am I a happy bunny with both products? You bet I am! This older 'silver surfer' is now the new Tony Blackburn within his bungelow! Armed with my Asus Zonar D2X audio centre and my Sennheiser cordless FM headphones, I'm able to play my music how I want it and when I want it and where I want to listen to it!

I have a big all over my face like the cat that got the cream!

I am so happy........

Big L 266
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