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Thanks everyone.

My port has healed up pretty well, and I had my first session of chemo last week. They've got me on 4 different kinds of chemotherapy medications (can't remember all their names atm), and a couple of them are really aggressive. Everything tastes bad and smells funny now, but at least I can eat without pain. So far, they said I'm taking the meds nicely. After each session, I have to go drive back to get a shot of Neupogen each day for 10 days (on day 5 right now). I've also got a small phar macy on my desk as well, heh. Haven't noticed any hair loss yet (but I'm sure that'll probably take some time), and I haven't had any bone pain so far. 7 more sessions to go.

Got a PET scan scheduled for tomorrow. I'm going to have a pretty nice collection of radiography when this is all over. So far, I'm up to 1.4 GB of dicom and jpg images. Might try to convince the office that gave me the echocardiogram to give me a copy of the files if they're not expensive, too.

Didn't realize that "phar macy" was on the block list. :|
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