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I have searched now with these 2 keywords, "weihnachtsbaumschmuck" and "weihnachtsbaumanhänger"...
again with very nice search results...

We had already some threads with the question about merchandising, and I think, there is still a market gap, if I look in the offers about cookies, cookie cutters and decorations. At least we ourselves can bake the cookies, and we can do that also without cookie cutters. I believe, the true fans would be very curious.

Yesterday I was in the supermarket Netto instead of the supermarket Aldi, and at least I got "Kokosmakronen" (coconut macaroons) and "Zimtsterne" (cinnamon stars). Also I have bought a further marzipan bread. I think, I will visit Aldi again before the 24th December.

In Germany we call the gingerbread "Lebkuchen" or "Pfefferkuchen"...
and the imagination knows no limits. Many families bake or buy also a gingerbread cottage.

While the very big festival markets in the cities offer more the flowing ribbon ware, the smaller festival markets in the old town quarters and in the other districts offer more the handmade products, also in "Alt-Rixdorf" in Berlin-Neukölln.

On the Tauentzien & Ku'Damm all trees at the streets are decorated already in November. Also the big shopping centers are decorated. But not everybody lives in a city, and also a village can offer some unique things.

@ webthing, this is a beautiful red coat...

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