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As an educator, it's easy to assume I would favor Sanders, but I have some reservations. His math isn't released. I fail to believe that he can pay for his promises just by pulling from the rich.

What needs to happen is that health care and education need to be looked at in terms of what the money actually pays for.

In health care, it is proven that preventative measures and cures cost far less than symptom treatment and addiction.

In education, especially college education, far too much money is spent on administration, landscaping, athletics, architecture, rock climbing walls, student centers, marketing, and other non-instructional costs. We don't need fitness centers on campuses. We have YMCA's and other stand-alone gyms for that. The money spent towards education should be prioritized towards instruction and instructional materials, and yet, those things take a back seat to everything else. Perhaps if this fix happened, colleges would be filled only with serious students that are there to learn, instead of goof-offs who are there for that "college experience". These over-grown pre-teens cause professors to compromise their standards to prevent a high failure rate, leaving many college classes to be less rigorous than high school classes. The student's campus selection causes colleges to focus more on initial appeal rather than useful career preparation and academic advancement.

With fixes such as these, health care and education could be paid for the way that Sanders wants when he's spouting off like a near-senile geriatric patient. He has good intentions, but he is lacking mathematical evidence that would suggest it could work. Not enough realism, but believable if looked at this way.

That said, he's still about the closest thing I have at this point for someone that would get my vote.

H. Clinton lies too much and eventually gets caught enough to admit it. She in far too many ways fits the negative connotations of a politician, being inconsistent with her votes and stances, evading challenging questions, war mongering, being able to be bought, etc.

As for the Republicans, Trump will get the world to hate us, and he would get us to hate us. He is in it to win a game. That's the story of his life. That is a reckless quality in a world-power nation leader.

The other Republicans seem to be heading in a better direction than the extremism of the past, but not enough for me as a left-of center liberal.

Carson needs to go back to being a brilliant doctor. He has no place and little sense in government.

Jeb is still a Bush whether or not he cares to write it on his campaign signs, and there is much to prove it. He favors one religion and its politics in a country that is not at all limited to just that.

Santorum's and Paul's tax plans are just plain stupid, worse than all other candidates of both parties.

Phone call, had to stop the post...

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