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I'd reccomend redhat for a newbie, then switch to debian once you're comfortable with it. Once you consider yourself profficient, I'd go to gentoo. I use gentoo now, have been for about 6 months. When I got back from christmas I completely uninstalled windows. I'm running all legitimate software on my system now and working towards 100% legality.


And On that day, the Lords of the land said unto their Master Architect, "The temple you have made to the gods of Wasabi and Maki has brought us no great prosperity" and they sent out him into the lands.

As he traveled to a far off land, he found he wasn't traveling alone, but that he had gained companions, and when they found their new land, they started work on a new temple, one that would be OPEN to all who wanted to worship.

from The Book of Wasabi C 12 Vs 09 (pg 2003)
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